Christie Brinkley Scandal Sex Tape

Today the page Six has confirmed that there is a sexual tape there the former husband it is a pity bums Christie Brinkley’s and the 19-year-old girl. See girls, even magnificent supermodels are blackened. At *Sigh* this fop there was ALL. The Fairy tale-frikin ’-Hamptons-life with possible one of the majority of beauties on a planet, and it, kuldnt ’ is possible not to strike on the teenager who works at its office. Not only that, to it should manage to REMOVE all thing. The idiot.
Christie BrinkleyYesterday, to us have shown a number stills from the Cook of the image of video and Bienchi, both naked bodies, having the sexual intercourses on a brown place of love. They also show Bienchi performance of a destructive striptease downwards to pair black, panties of a string salt and then to its claim of birthday as the Cook holds the promezhnost.
Christie BrinkleyAnd unless this mother of girls did not learn to it not to stay idle with married men and to REMOVE it? Why there it is a lot of IDIOTS in the world?

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